DH Graduate Career Paths Panel

By Ashley Sanders

In this 1-hour panel, alumni discuss their experiences in the program, how they identified their career path, landed current positions, as well as tips and advice for those currently in, or contemplating, the program.


Dr. Wendy Perla Kurtz
Wendy Perla Kurtz, PhD, is a Lecturer and Project Scientist in the Digital Humanities program at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she teaches courses and supports Digital Humanities projects through the Digital Research Consortium. Dr. Kurtz holds a PhD in Hispanic Literature from the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at UCLA and her research lies at the intersection of cultural memory, digital mapping, and human rights.

Dr. Francesca Albrezzi
An art historian, curator, and digital humanist, Dr. Francesca Albrezzi works as a Digital Research Consultant at UCLA’s Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC) and teaches for the Digital Humanities program. She researches digitally immersive technologies used in GLAM organizations. She is affiliated with the College Art Association’s educational committee, Art History Teaching Resources, and the Digital Art History Journal.

Robert Farley
Robert is currently the Literary Historian for a new global video game company called Famico Studios and a Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature at UCLA. While finishing his dissertation on digital grassroots archives of the sexual rights movement in Arabic, he transitioned over the last year to delivering SWANA-based historical and cultural research to game developers principally in the areas of art, design, and mechanics. He came to DH in 2018 by working as a Research and Instructional Technology Consultant (RITC) for UCLA Humanities Technology and the UCLA.