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Digital technology has changed scholarly research. Scholars today work with an unprecedented abundance of materials (many of them digital), communicate with great speed, and can present their work in ways we couldn’t have imagined a few decades ago.

Launched in 2011, the graduate certificate in Digital Humanities prepares students to work in the new environment of scholarly research by providing them with knowledge about the tools, methods, and theoretical issues central to the emerging field. These include text analysis, data mining, visualization, modeling and simulation, geo-spatial and mapping, multi-media storytelling, information design, network analysis, interface design.

The certificate emphasizes principles and concepts that will transfer across software programs and platforms, with the conviction that digital technologies will continue to emerge, but that certain intellectual, technical, and research design principles will remain central to this rapidly changing field.

Who Can Apply?

To enroll in the graduate certificate in Digital Humanities, you must be a currently enrolled graduate student at UCLA (in any division or department).

We accept applications all year.

We will read applications by October 25 and April 1. Notifications will be emailed to applicants by November 1 and April 15.

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  • DH 201: Core Seminar in Digital Humanities
  • DH 299: Graduate Capstone Seminar
  • Three graduate-level electives, selected from list of approved courses.
    • Two of these three can overlap with the requirements for your department.
    • One of these three electives needs to be a Digital Humanities course.
  • Creation and juried review of a Digital Research Portfolio.

DH Graduate Student Careers


Alluvial diagram of graduate students' divisions, departments, and careers. Students who graduate with a certificate in DH go on to become User Experience Designers, film producers, assistant professors, postdocs, and more.
Graduate student career trajectories after completing DH Certificate (2013-2019)


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Deanna Finlay
Digital Humanities Student Affairs Officer

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