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    Open Refine

    Open refine is an open-source data cleaning application, equipped to handle a variety of formats.

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    Turn Clean Data into Messy Data. Salty is a new package that offers functions for “salting” clean data with problems often found in datasets in the wild.

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    Vectr is a free, open source tool for visual design. Develop any logo, flyer, or wireframe with ease!

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    No programming knowledge required: use carto to develop beautiful digital maps. Tell your digital story with simplicity.

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    Tableau public is a free-to-use data visualization platform. From bar graphs to steam charts, Tableau has several built-in tools to aid in telling your data’s story.

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    Balsamiq is a free wireframing tool. Design websites, platforms, and applications with just a simple download.

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    Voyant is a topic modeling tool designed to find patterns in your textual data.

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