Call for Applications: Undergraduate DH Social Media Marketing & Events Coordinator

By Ashley Sanders

Job Description

A Digital Humanities Student Assistant (SA) provides support for the DH program that utilizes their specialized skill set by creating social media content for the DH Program’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as multimedia content for the website. In addition, the SA will collaborate with the DH Program’s GSR and Vice Chair to visualize and analyze data related to the program and prepare it for presentation in reports, the website, and social media. The person in this person will also assist the program by guiding the design of annual Student Project Showcase and facilitate its planning and preparation.

Appointment: 8-10 hrs per week

A Student Assistant with this appointment shall not be assigned a workload of more than 99 hours per quarter or a workload of over 20 hours in any one week. For a 25% appointment, the number of hours worked in excess of 10 hours per week may not total more than 25 hours per quarter.


This person will work under direction and mentorship of the Vice Chair of the Digital Humanities program, who is responsible for monitoring hours worked, approving timesheets, and identifying potential professional development opportunities.

Desired Skills

  1. Organized and self-motivated
  2. Familiarity with Canva or similar design software
  3. Familiarity with WordPress or similar CMS
  4. Social media analysis and/or design and/or marketing strategy
  5. Functional knowledge of data visualization techniques and tools, such as Tableau
  6. User Experience Design (not required but helpful)

How to Apply

Please send a resume and email message of interest describing your relevant experience to Professor Sanders at