Call for Applications: 2022-23 DH Program GSR

By Ashley Sanders

Job Description

A Digital Humanities Graduate Student Research Assistant is responsible for assisting with a Digital Humanities research project and provides support for the DH program that utilizes their specialized skill set. The GSR will work with data through its entire life cycle from creation and cleaning to data visualization, analysis, crafting a narrative, and designing the final presentation.  Projects focus on data analysis and visualization, pattern recognition, clustering, textual analysis, and digital storytelling with data from and about the Digital Humanities program at UCLA. This position will begin on or before the first day of classes for the fall quarter and ends at the conclusion of the academic year.

20% Appointment

A Graduate Student Research Assistant with a 20% appointment shall not be assigned a workload of more than 99 hours per quarter or a workload of over 20 hours in any one week. The number of hours worked in excess 8-9 hours per week may not total more than 25 hours per quarter.


This person will work under direction and mentorship of the Vice Chair of the Digital Humanities program, who is responsible for monitoring hours worked, approving timesheets, and identifying potential professional development opportunities.

Desired Skills

  1. Familiarity with linear and non-linear statistical models
  2. Adept at using either R or Python for statistical analysis and data visualization
  3. Functional knowledge of data visualization techniques and tools, such as Tableau
  4. Familiarity with text analysis using Python, R or Voyant Tools

How to Apply

Please send CVs and email messages of interest to Professor Sanders at by May 15. Interviews with the top candidates will be scheduled the following week and final decisions will be announced by May 27.