Welcome New DH Undergraduates!

By The Digital Humanities Editorial Team

Congratulations to the 59 new DH undergraduate students! We had a huge pool of applicants this year with unbelievable skill and talent.

So who exactly is this new crop of digital humanists? In true DH fashion, we’ll learn through the data using tableau and voyant:

According to your application responses, 75% of you identify as female. In addition, Cognitive Science appears to be the most popular major, a change from previous years when Economics was most prevalent. Further, the majority of you will graduate in spring 2020, in line with previous years (typically people enroll in the Minor in their third year at UCLA).

The new class of DH students also brings a with them ton of digital skills:

Typically, students come to DH with backgrounds in design, and some analytical programming languages like R and python. The data was largely consistent with previous years, with notable increases in the number of students using Gimp and C++.

Answers to the application’s thought questions also revealed a lot about the incoming class – their motivations, paths, and desires:

What is the definition of digital humanities?

Your responses showed a high correlation between “technology,” “intersection,” and “society.” It seems you all have a pretty good idea of what DH is all about!

How do you see the digital humanities minor connecting to your major and advancing your professional goals?

Many of you see DH as a path towards a career working with data and technology. This Minor is definitely right for you!

What skills would you like to learn during your coursework in the Digital Humanities minor?

Each DH101 project will feature tasks requiring visualization, data analysis, and mapping. Without a doubt, you’ll leave the DH Minor with whatever digital skills you desire.

Welcome to DH. We hope the Minor is everything you anticipate and more!