Jobs and Internships

The DH Program is hiring a Graduate Student Assistant at 20% and an Undergraduate Social Media Marketing & Events Coordinator for the 2022-2023 academic year! Apply today by sending an email with at least a paragraph describing your interest and relevant experience (see the individual job ad pages at the links for more details).

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Our second workshop! UCLA Institute for Digital Research & Education will focus on teaching and research w/ Digital Collections! The workshop will take place tomorrow January 26, 2022, from 1pm-2:30PM. Up-to-date application and working with Digital coll…

Interested in Learning Cloud Computing?
The UCLA Institute for Digital Research & Education presents Cloud Computing Workshop part 4! Taking place on January 26th from 10am-12Pm via zoom. Register by scanning the QR code or check our bio for the link!

Register for the upcoming Digital Humanities Event via our link in bio!

Decolonial Readings of a
French Colonial Vietnamese Text
Uncovering Plural Authorship and Visual-Textual Representations of Female Labor
with Dr. Cindy Nguyen
Thursday, January 26th…

How can VR and Ar technology be used in Humanistic Research?
We sat down with Professor Caldwell to learn more about this emerging field! Swipe To learn about Historic Downtown theaters that are reconstructed using Ar technology!
#ucla #ucladh…

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